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The Choppers Hot Rod Association of Cleveland, Ohio was started by a group of teenage hot rodders back in 1956. The club has met weekly ever since. Known previously as the Road Phantoms, the name was changed to "Choppers". This was less offensive to the masses in a time when hot rodders were perceived to be a public nuisance. Many city leaders wanted to pass legislation that prevented hot rodding. To help improve this negative image, the original members created a club constitution. This constitution dictated that they conduct themselves in a manner above and beyond that of a typical law abiding citizen. With sponsorship from the Cleveland Police Department, they hosted and started the first Cleveland Autorama.
Countless stranded motorists were helped by these young hot rodders and were given a "courtesy card" stating that they had just been assisted by a member of the Choppers Hot Rod Association. In time, these actions that were being carried out by car clubs all over the country would help preserve the "hot rod lifestyle" and make hot rodding what it is today. By the late 50's, the Choppers had a number of top notch rods and customs, but drag racing was quickly becoming the direction of the club. Because they had their own club house, equipped with stalls and a machine shop for working on their cars, a few of the members built dragsters.

Many of the members raced regularly at drag strips across the country. Some still do today. Members have won countless trophies and awards over the years, not only for racing, but for shows and workmanship as well. Choppers' cars have continuously filled the pages of hot rod related magazines over the decades. The club still hosts an indoor car show each spring, bringing in the finest rods and customs found. Some members of the club have been in since the 50's and 60's making it a very diverse group with ages ranging from 30 to 70+. The cars also have quite a range - from the Model A to the most modern 6 second dragster. The Choppers Hot Rod Association emerged during an historical era and continues to contribute to the preservation and lifestyle of a time gone by as well as firmly establish themselves in the future of hot rodding!


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